ChryseiS Advertising System (For Members)

Advertising System

For Members
* Get paid to view advertisements!
As a member, you’ll get paid for each click that you generate by browsing our sponsor’s ads.

* Take advantage of the offers that give our sponsors to our members.
Our aim is to promote their products and services of our sponsors to our members and our members advantageous from the special offers pronounce our sponsors.

We offer all features of today’s PTC technology, including instant purchase processing and referral renting. Have a look inside and start earning now!

– No investing required
– We Accept International Sign-ups
– $1.00 minimum payout
– Earn up to $0.010 per own click
– Earn up to $0.011 per referral click (New)
– Very low purchase balance transfers of $0.10
– Upgrading starts at $3.00 for 1 year Premium
– Business Verified PayZa Account

Registration promo
-First 2000 members get Elite membership for 2 months

Payment processors supported: Payza
(Click here to Register your FREE Payza account.)

Thank you for your support.

ChryseiS Advertising System
Admin Team



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